Friday, October 16, 2015

Con On The Cob Day 2: Original Artwork, Screaming Baby Faces, And Brian's Not Dead

Greetings once again from this year's Con on the Cob. It's Day Two and -- well -- I honestly don't have that much to say about the events of the day. Today was a booth-intensive day as Jim Yoder and I manned the Goblinoid Games booth, and didn't find much time gaming, mischief, and all of the other stuff you come to expect from these daily missives. But let me see what I can dredge up:

  • Spent a large portion of the day manning the Goblinoid Games book, as I mentioned. The biggest seller so far is -- of course -- Cryptworld and Monsters Macabre.
  • Speaking of Monsters Macabre, I heard that Brian Thomas -- one of the artists for the book - was at the con and he had original artwork from the book for sale. I stopped by in the morning to visit, and was told by Jason Braun that Brian had "one too many" the previous night and was sleeping off a nasty hangover. I purchased a couple of pieces (see next bulletpoint) and left to return later. At closing, Brian STILL wasn't available. "My God, did he die?" I asked. "I bet he wishes he had," was Jason's answer.
  • The two pieces I picked up are the original drawings Brian did for the Brundle and the Harvester -- two things I wrote for Monsters Macabre. These will be framed and hung next to my original Mummy and Troglodyte pieces from the Cryptworld rulebook. Thanks Brian!
  • The booth across from ours features clay sculptures of creatures with screaming baby faces. Turtles with screaming baby faces. And giant worms with screaming baby faces. And more screaming baby-related nightmares. Plus there was a jar with a pickled squirrel skull in it. The woman assisting in the booth is nice enough. Showed me a picture of her boobs, in fact. (I am not joking with anything written in this bulletpoint.)
  • Even while tending the booth, I feel the need to be the biggest Grammar Nazi in the room, apparently. I spent an embarrassing amount of time ranting about proper semi-colon use to Kevin who just wanted me to proof his flyer for an upcoming game.
  • My 6 pm Cryptworld game went bust as I didn't have anyone sign up for it. No matter, as Roy, Kevin, Jim, and Kelly said they'd like to play after dinner. Sadly, after dinner, I was sluggish, tired, it was late, and I'm old. I begged off to go back to my room and crash for the evening.
  • At dinner, I ran into Brian. HE'S ALIVE! (And I'm done giving him hell.)
Sorry that today's recap is so terse, as the Wi-fi is still uppity, and my playtime was fairly limited. I also didn't take many pictures -- just one in fact. I'll try to do better tomorrow. For now, Old Man Snider's gotta get to bed. Hell, it's nearly 10 pm!

The Brundle and Harvester from Monsters Macabre as illustrated by Brian Thomas who is, in fact, NOT dead. (OK, NOW I'm done.)

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