Monday, August 17, 2015

RPG-A-DAY 2015 Day 18: Favorite Sci Fi RPG....Timemaster



I love the pulp space opera-ness of WEG's Star Wars, and classic Traveller has some sci-fi crunchiness to it I enjoy, but time travel RPGs scratch a certain "itch" of mine, and none does it better than Pacesetter's Timemaster. The concept of travelling through history and policing the timeline is one that sets my imagination afire. Been a fan of the game since the 1980's, so I'm thrilled that it's traveled through time itself, to be returned to duty by Goblinoid Games.

In fact, I've run a few games at conventions over the years and have written up a couple of adventures for Timemaster. Here you go:

The Day The Sky Fell -- It's 1979 and Topeka, Kansas, has been burned off the face of the Earth. Surviving victims claim they saw the Sun itself cut a path of destruction through the city, killing tens of thousands. Tensions between the U.S. and USSR have never been higher, and World War III is imminent unless Time Corps agents can determine what happened and stop it before it ever occurred!

Postage Due -- An undelivered letter in mid-1800 America has thrown the timeline into chaos. What does this single piece of correspondence contain that makes it so critical to future events? Time Corps agents will be dispatched to the point of incursion to ensure the mail goes through!

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