Friday, February 13, 2015

The World Of Thundarr The Barbarian Sourcebook "Master Edition" Released!

In March 2012, I released what I referred to as the "final" version of The World of Thundarr the Barbarian Sourcebook for Mutant Future. I promised no more updates or entries to my RPG guidebook to The Best Gonzo Post-Apocalyptic Cartoon Ever Made.

However, since releasing the final version of the sourcebook, I've run several Thundarr adventures at conventions throughout the U.S.  None of these games were based on any of the classic episodes and are new adventures written specifically for the events. In fact, some players have called these "missing episodes" of the shows (which is a nice tribute). Whenever I've run one of these new Thundarr adventures, I've posted them here at The Savage AfterWorld for download. There have been three released: Across the Dimensional Divide; Warlord of the Sacred Library; and The Wizard's Graveyard.

To make it easier on folks who want The Whole Thundarr Enchilada, I have taken these three adventure scripts and tucked them into the sourcebook, creating a "Master Edition". There are even pre-gens of Thundarr, Ookla, Princess Ariel, and three other PCs in the back of the book that you can print out for use at your own table! Everything I've ever created for running Mutant Future-based Thundarr games is now in one big master volume.

So, without further ado, I present you with The World of Thundarr The Barbarian Sourcebook - Master Edition! Click here (or click the cover below or the link in the right-hand column) to download!


  1. This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you, Tim

  2. This is the greatest thing any human being has ever done!

  3. This could not have come at a better time and it is absolutely fantastic! I gave it a special mention on the blog as well today! Cheers Tim!

  4. Thanks. Can I preorder a Gencon seat? I've tried for two years to get in on that action.

    1. Won't be at Gencon, but try me at Con on the Cob.

  5. Looks great will be using this to help run a Thundarr scenario at Origins. Not using MF but will be very useful regardless.

  6. Does this mean I have to throw away the hardcopy you gave me? B)