Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Thundarr the Barbarian: Warlord of the Sacred Library" Now Available For Download!

Now that my Gary Con Thundarr game has ended, it's safe for me to post the adventure my players just ran through. Click the cover below to download "Thundarr the Barbarian: Warlord of the Sacred Library" for you own home games!

A few notes:
  • I used  pre-gens for Thundarr, Ookla, and Ariel, but they're not included with this download. You can get them with my previous Thundarr adventure "Across the Dimensional Divide." You'll need to make two copies of each. (You'll see why when you read the text.) Encourage the players to play the characters straight as it really helps make the game a success.
  • The adventure is hardly a polished effort, as it's my rough notes for use during a con game. So please excuse spelling errors, formatting issues, and general unattractiveness. Originally, it was just for my eyes only.
  • The script should be easy enough to follow, but it is a 3-4 hour "railroad" convention one-shot. There's not much "depth" to it. Point A to Point B to Point C to Big Bad Boss Fight at the end.
  • I played the opening credits on a tablet for the players as we started. And when we were done, I played the end credits. (Not to mention the 80s commercials for cereal and toys!) This really helped the atmosphere and set the mood.
  • Be sure to play it like the cartoon. Play up the voices and the exaggerated action sequences. If your players want to do it, let it happen! Cartoon action, my friends!
  • If you'd like to run your home PCs through the adventure, you should be able to "ramp up" the encounters and the lethality of both Drakexx and Zardon. However, this game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where magic exists. If magic doesn't exist in your campaign, have Zardon's magic be the result of "Ancient holographic technology in the wrong hands."
  • If you want more Thundarr excitement for your Mutant Future games, don't forget to download the always-free Thundarr sourcebook over there in the right-hand column!
Oh, and a little something else today's Thundarr players walked away. I had these con-only exclusives printed and created specifically as giveaways at events like this:
And before anyone asks, no there are no extras or spares, and they are not for sale. Want one? Play Thundarr with me at a convention! Lords of Light, it will be grand!


  1. Love your approach, particularly the cereal ads.

    It ain't a Saturday Morning Cartoon Game without 'em!

  2. I just did a quick review of the Thundarr adventure right here. Thanks for making this available!