Thursday, May 16, 2013

Savage Menagerie: Ligreemen

No. Enc.: 1d4 (2d4)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 1
Damage: as per weapon
Save: L4
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: VI, VIII, XXI

Ligreemen (lih-GREE-men) are tall, grey-skinned humanoids. They have large hairless heads with bulbous black eyes and no discernible facial features. They are usually tall (6' minimum height) with thin spindly limbs. They are, in fact, the classically described "alien visitor."

Long before The Apocalygeddon, Ligreemen were secretly visiting the planet with impunity. They abducted thousands of Bygones over the centuries for their own purposes. They assisted with the building of ancient pyramids, the carving of massive stone heads, and the circular arrangement of massive granite blocks. Over the centuries, they were in leagues with the most powerful Bygone leaders, helping them guide world events. Some of the Bygones' most powerful technological advances were in fact provided by the Ligreemen.

Ligreemen, in fact, view the human race as nothing more than livestock. Just as humanity performs experiments on animals and raises cattle and swine for slaughter, the Ligreemen experiment on humans to further their own scientific knowledge as well as finding pure strain humans a delicacy. When The Apocalygeddon came, a handful of Ligreemen  found themselves trapped on the planet, unable to escape. They sealed themselves up in status chambers and hidden bunkers deep in the bowels of the earth, waiting for the stupid humans to finish blowing themselves up. Once they emerged in the Mutant Future, they found the planet very different -- but their mission of domination of humanity remains the same.

Ligreemen are incredibly secretive as they prefer to lurk in the shadows, working in silence as they attempt to reclaim their illuminati-like background dominance over humanity. A Ligreeman may make a deal to arm a local baron in exchange for some "experimental volunteers." He will take pains to hide his true identity and existence though.

Ligreemen do not verbally speak. Rather, they use a form of telepathy to communicate with each other. They  rarely communicate with any other intelligent creature, viewing mutant and humans as beneath the effort. (Only incredibly intelligent creatures may merit some degree of respect.) Ligreemen are technological wizards, able to discern any Bygone tech they encounter as well as able to build nearly anything they can imagine. Ligreemen are usually armed with the best technological weapons found in the wastelands, as they developed many of these in the first place. The Mutant Lord is encouraged to arm Ligreemen with the most powerfully dangerous weapons they wish. However, Ligreemen are very fond of booby-trapping their own devices and weaponry, lest their precious technology falls into the grubby hands of the filthy chattel. (A PC may think twice about possessing a Ligreemen pistol after the first one he finds explodes for 7d6 hit points.)

Ligreemen and Brain Lashers (MF rulebook, page 63) are fierce enemies, and they will attack each other on sight. It is thought that these two alien races may have an ongoing rivalry going back centuries. Another theory is that, because of their similarities, both species may have descended from a similar ancestor, and now the races are locked into a battle for dominance.

Mutations: telepathic communication

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