Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dangerous Encounter: I See You

For this encounter, the PCs will need to be tasked with locating some very special, very efficient medical assistance.
  • One of PCs could be infected with a slow, but ultimately fatal disease.
  • A powerful NPC could be seriously injured, and his underlings demand the PCs' assistance to "fix 'im."
  • A medical shaman may ask the PCs to investigate rumors of a miraculous Bygone device that can heal almost any illness or injury.

Regardless of how the PCs are hooked into the quest, the Mutant Lord should eventually let them hear legends of such a miracle device in the ruins of a Bygone medical facility. There, according to rumor, they will discover a Bygone regeneration tank. Anyone placed within this chamber for 24 hours will be completely healed of all illness and disease, and even bones and organs can be regrown quickly and painlessly. This device -- if it exists -- is exactly what is needed to complete their quest. The legends state that the tank is located within the "I.C.U." in the facility.

When the PCs find the facility, they'll discover a rundown laboratory dedicated to medical research and experimentation. The Mutant Lord is encouraged to let the PCs explore the labyrinthine laboratory (and perhaps toss a few failed medical "experiments" at them!). They will eventually come across a sign on the wall, and if anyone can read Bygone languages, they'll see that it says "Intensive Care Unit" with an arrow pointing to an adjoining branch of the facility. As they get near the I.C.U., the PCs will encounter two hounds standing guard in the hallway. As they approach, they'll notice eyes scattered all over the bodies of these hounds. The Eye Dogs (MF rulebook, page 70) bristle upon their approach and will attack, firing off electrical energy blasts at the PCs as they charge.

Eye Dogs (2) (AL L, MV 120' (40'), AC 6, HD 5, #AT 2 (bite, energy blast), DM 1d6/2d6, SV L3, ML 10, mutations: energy blast (electrical), ultraviolet vision, night vision, optic emissions (bright eyes/gamma eyes))

The Eye Dogs were placed outside the I.C.U. to act as sentries for who (or what) resides within. If the PCs enter the I.C.U., they'll see a room littered with ruined remnants of tables, wheelchairs, gurneys, medical devices, etc. In the center of the room stands a large squat cylinder on a raised platform, about 9 feet high and 9 feet in diameter. The walls and door of the cylinder (the regeneration tank they've been seeking) are a dull chrome, and there is a small glass window in the door. Within, they can see a thick pink liquid fills the chamber. A digital readout next to the door appears to be counting down from 3 hours. With a successful Technology roll, the PCs will be able to override the digital lock and open the chamber immediately.

Inside the regeneration tank is an Insectoid Eye (MF rulebook, page 70). The Eye has resided in the medical facility for decades, terrorizing nearby villages and camps. He discovered the regen tank years ago and has been using its power to rejuvenate himself as needed. He trapped the two Eye Dogs as pups and trained them to stand watch as he undergoes his regular rejuvenation cycle. Because of his age and size (he nearly fills the interior of the tank), the Insectoid Eye has 9 hit dice instead of the usual 7 HD.

Insectoid Eye (1) (AL C, MV Special-via psionic flight, AC 4, HD 9, #AT 1, DM as mutation, SV L7, ML 9, mutations: psionic flight, mind thrust, optic emisions (gamma eyes), neural telepathy, thermal vision, ultraviolet vision, night vision, teleport)

The Insectoid Eye will be enraged upon seeing the PCs. They are a threat to his "immortality," and he will fight violently to protect his secret. Keep in mind that the Insectoid Eye is crafty and intelligent, and not a mindless beast to vanquish. If injured drastically enough, it will flee to save itself, and the PCs will have made a very dangerous enemy who will resurface one day.

If the PCs are successful, the regeneration tank is theirs. It is much too huge to remove from the facility, so anyone in need of its services must be brought to it. Bringing the injured and ill to the I.C.U. for treatment could be a future adventure in itself -- especially if the Insectoid Eye escaped and is lurking nearby for revenge!

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