Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Post-Apocalyptic Supplements From Fishwife Games

The merry mutants over at Fishwife Games has been busily churning out some new settings and scenarios for your post-apocalyptic RPG games, including their biggest setting yet -- the town of Minco! Their materials are system-generic, so you can easily fit them into any game you're running. (Which, if you're reading this blog, should obviously be Mutant Future!)

Deluxe Apocalypse Setting: Minco -- The sign at the gates says it all: "WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY OF MINCO!  PLEASE PREPARE TO BE PATTED DOWN, SEARCHED, AND INTERROGATED IF NEEDED."  The 25-page deluxe setting describes the thriving community of Minco and the surrounding landscape. The town has water, food, and even electricity. Schools still function, educating the youngsters, and radio broadcasts are sent out from the transmitters in the community. But what secrets does this supposed paradise hold? Deluxe Apocalypse Setting: Minco is $2.50 at Drive Through RPG.

Thirty Sider Apocalypse: Industry Loot and Urban Encounters -- Break out your favorite rhombic triacontahedron (that's a 30-sided dice) for these useful scavenging tables. What goodies can you find scattered in the ruins of that old factory? Who (or what) will you encounter as you wander the blasted suburban areas? These two 2-page table supplements give you a chance to roll that d30 of yours for random discoveries and encounters. Both supplements are free downloads at Drive Through RPG.

You can find Fishwife Games' materials on RPG Now and Drive Through RPG. Fishwife Games also has a Facebook page you can visit for announcements of upcoming new releases.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this cool stuff!

  2. Thanks for the awesome write up! I hope to have more stuff out soon!


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