Thursday, November 22, 2012

WARNING: Ursine Gobbler Spotted! (And A Sale On The Database!)

This warning is going out to all readers of The Savage AfterWorld. A herd of Ursine Gobblers has been sighted roaming the nearby wastelands. This beastly behemoth should be avoided at all costs, especially today when they are most active.

Data on this creature (and 89 others) appears in the Deviant Database. To ensure that all future mutants have a chance to acquire one of these useful guidebooks to post-apocalyptic denizens, the Database is now on sale for 30% off. A downloadable PDF is available for $4.15 at Drive Through RPG and a perfect-bound hardcopy book is available at Lulu for $9.77. This sale lasts for the next few days until the danger passes and the Gobblers return to dormancy.


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