Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaGa DeMon Now Underway! And Here's My RPG Project...

And we're off!
I try to keep this blog on-target with new Mutant Future supplemental material or news of a "post-apocalyptic RPG" nature, but for this year's NaGa DeMon, I'm working on wrapping up an RPG I've been twiddling with for a few years that has nothing to do with mutants, radiation, or the Apocalygeddon. I'm quite pleased with the concept as it's an RPG setting that I don't believe has been addressed before. Here's the pitch:

There are more than 136 million items in the historical collections held by the Smithsonian Institute, scattered throughout 19 museums in Washington DC. Many of these items are culturally significant. Most are historically significant. And then there are the items kept under lock and key in the "Special Antiquities Collection."

These items are magically significant.

PCs are curators for the Smithsonian’s “Special Antiquities Collections Division” (SACD), a subdivision of the Smithsonian Institution Office of Protection Services. Their official job description is to “identify and acquire items of significant historical importance.” Their unofficial job description is to “investigate events of an unexplained nature, identify any items imbued with unearthly abilities, and retrieve/secure these items.”

Magic is all around us. Find it and lock it down.
I always loved the concept of a team of "Magical Item Retrieval Specialists" trying to secure some mystically-imbued bauble before it wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting public. There have been several TV shows focused on this very conceit, such as Warehouse 13, The Lost Room, The Librarian TV movies, and Friday the 13th: The Series. So, this November, I'll be working on bringing to life my vision for:


  1. This sounds simply superb! I love the curator idea. I might have to run a campaign of this when it's done. :)

  2. Sounds awesome! All the way through reading this, my brain was wondering why no one had thought about it before. Such a simple idea that has a whole load of scope. nicely done sir.

  3. This would be a genius thing to Kickstart(er) after NaGa.

  4. Once upon a time I was thinking about a mixture of Friday the 13th and House II: The Second Story. The artifacts would be hidden in weird micro-universes where the PCs could meet all kinds of weird people, monsters and things.

    Good luck with A&A!