Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Showing Off Some New Toys...

I've gotten a few things in the mail in the last few days that I'm quite pleased with. Wanted to play a bit of "Show and Tell," much like a kid who got new toys for Christmas. So just indulge me a bit here...

Finally got my hands on the VixenTor "Rusty Tower" post-apocalyptic dice tower. I wrote about it back in August 2009 and have been tracking one down off-and-on since then. Due to a series of misfortunes, it appears VixenTor is out of business. But I stumbled across this one -- still new -- at Noble Knight Games.

Speaking of dice, I got a whole bag full of custom Savage AfterWorld dice from Chessex. These are earmarked to be given out at Gen Con 2012. If you see me, ask for one!

It will be easy to see me, in fact, 'cause I'll be wearing one of these two caps at the convention. I had the custom Savage AfterWorld embroidered cap made by Zazzle, and the radioactive symbol cap was a gift from Justin over at A Field Guide to Doomsday. Thanks again, Justin!

Alex sent me the premiere issue of his zine Wizards, Mutants, Laser Pistols. I've read it front to back a few times, and I'm really digging the old school feel of this thing. There's some truly gonzo stuff in here that, although geared for Labyrinth Lord and those Other Fantasy Games, would be right at home in the Mutant Future. Look for a review soon! Thanks Alex!

I tried to take several pictures of this last item I acquired, but my digital camera was crapping out on every close-up I took. So I had to grab a photo from the eBay auction I won. By way of explanation, I never wear a watch. But, at conventions, I'm CONSTANTLY asking for the time as I always need to be someplace at some time. (As opposed to my regular home/work life...) So I needed a watch specifically to be worn only at game cons. And I found the perfect watch:

Lords of Light, it is awesome. (And cheap too.) Want one? Here's the link.

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