Monday, August 31, 2009

Roll Those Dice In Post-Apocalyptic Style

After seeing some customized dice for other role-playing genres, I began a search for dice that looked “post-apocalyptic.” My search took me to Q-Workshop out of Poland which specializes in custom-designed dice for most of the classic RPG genres. Whether you want dice decorated with elvish runes, Elder Signs, WWII stenciling, or steampunk script, they have you covered. But what caught my attention are the Nuke Dice – dice that look as if they've been dug out of some nuke-blasted ruins. The radiation symbol replaces the 1, adding another nice touch. (They come in a variety of colors and even have some dice that glow in the dark with a nice unhealthy radioactive shine.) Price: 14.9 Euro (about $21 for a set). You can also order these dice from various other online entities.

So you have your dice, now you need someplace to keep 'em. Well, Paizo carries two keen radiation symbol dice bags – one in color and one in black and white. Both bags are manufactured by Q-Workshop, but they don't seem to be available from their Web site. Price: $8.05 for the black and white version; $9.20 for the color version.

When it's time to roll the dice, you can do it Ye Olde Fashioned Waye by tossing them across the table (yawn) or you can drop them into a post-apocalyptic dice tower manufactured by VixenTor Games. Referred to as the “Rusty Tower,” this dice tower is designed to look like a post-apocalyptic portable computer that has suffered a great deal, with broken glass and extensive rust damage. VixenTor's dice towers are hand-assembled from 1/4” birch plywood, so they're built to last, if just a bit pricey. Cost: $50.

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