Friday, December 6, 2019

(MCC RPG) Savage Menagerie: Glueworm

One of my favorite Mutant Future creatures now converted for Mutant Crawl Classics!

Glueworm: Init +0; Atk none; AC 5; HD 1 hp; MV 5’; Act 1d16; SP adhesive secretion; SV Fort -5, Ref -5, Will -5.

A slug-like creature measuring only 1-2 inches in length with a sickly yellow tint, the glueworm is hardly a threat to the usual cautious Terran, having no real attack/damage ability and a minimal hit point total. However, where the glueworm is a danger is that it secretes one of the most aggressive adhesives found naturally. If a PC steps onto a glueworm “snail trail” and/or crushes or otherwise injures a glueworm, they will find their weapon (or worse, themselves) permanently bonded to the underlying surface unless they make a DC 20 Ref check. (Even if the save is made, the PC will have the adhesive on their foot/hand/weapon, but it will not be bonded to anything...until it makes contact with something else!)

This adhesive will bond anything to anything permanently, with one exception: the adhesive does not adhere to glass or crystal. Even picking up a glueworm will leave enough residue on the mutant’s hand to be a hazard. Small bottles of glueworm secretion (called "snailhesive" by traders) will fetch a good price for its many uses.

The adhesive can be dissolved with the use of a strong acid, although anything thus bonded will take  damage. The glueworm secretion can also be burned off with fire, although the glue itself is not flammable.

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