Monday, October 17, 2016

[Review] "Advanced Mutant Companion" Supplement For Mutant Future

Those who frequent my blog know that it started as a Mutant Future resource. (The supplements I've released for it are testament to that!) Although my focus and tastes have changed over the years, I will ALWAYS support and trumpet any product that builds upon the gonzo post-apocalyptic goodness of Mutant Future. Today, I'm examining the Advanced Mutant Companion -- a Mutant Future supplement by A. Hagen that offers new rules and additions to the armageddon anarchy of a mutant gone wild!

Unlike other Mutant Future supplements I've seen (and personally written), the Advanced Mutant Companion doesn't give you new creatures and encounters for your game's world. Instead, the Companion presents new ways to build up your initial player characters. Within the 39 pages of the supplement, you'll encounter:

  • Five new character races, including cyborgs, aliens, and wasteland wanderers who are MUCH more twisted than normal. The Companion also offers some new twists for your starting mutants and pure humans.
  • All PCs had to have started somewhere, so an interesting Backgrounds system is introduced. What your character did before The End will benefit him with new skills and abilities that may come in handy in the Badlands.
  • Speaking of skills, a Feats system is also presented that offers more benefits and role-playing chances. There are several subcategories of Feats, including Combat, Survival, Prestige, Resource, Dramatic, and Mutation. A handy Advancement Chart takes the Backgrounds and Feats into consideration, for the ML who implements these into their own games.
  • Speaking of mutations, there are 74 new mutations to warp and twist your PCs! And rather than having these as separate abilities, the new mutations have been placed in the original Mutant Future mutation tables, so you can roll on one all-encompassing mutation chart for even more degeneration!

I'm pretty pleased with what's here, as I've often thought a rules supplement to Mutant Future was a product long missing from the product line. There is enough here to inspire Mutant Lords who are looking to add some new twists to their home games. And the product is only $2! Sniderman says check it out!

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