Wednesday, October 19, 2016

AVL Scarefest Starts In Two Days! So Much Fun, It's Scary!

Hey gang,

Just a reminder that Year 2 of the AVL Scarefest starts this Friday in Asheville, North Carolina, and runs through Sunday. This is the furthest I've driven for a game con (matched only by my road trip to Gamicon Omega in Iowa). I'm really looking forward to this horror-themed RPG event, as I have a full plate of terror-fueled gaming to look forward to, including:

  • Friday afternoon, I'll be playing in a game of Dread, the Jenga-run horror RPG. It'll be my first time with the system (although I'm an old hat at Jenga) so I'm looking forward to my attempt to survive "Under The Full Moon." Then later that night, I'll run the first of two Cryptworld games. Will the players survive their visit to Vinton Hills Hospital in "Condition Critical"?
  • On Saturday morning, it's DCC RPG as I and a team of stawart heroes tries to hold off wave after wave of "The Shambling Un-Dead." Then it's into the forest as I run my second game of Cryptworld as a party of rescuers tries to locate a lost hunting party in "Unquenchable"...before something else finds them first!
  • Sunday morning, Scarefest offers up a Sunday Bruch Gaming Social. Eat some breakfast while trying out a variety of RPG mini-scenarios and boardgames. A great way to get a taste for games I might not have time for or those I've wanted to try out in a bite-sized serving.
  • During my downtime, I plan to stop by the local FLGS, The Wyvern's Tale, and see what treasures await! (Plus, I hear they have a section of classic used RPGs, so I'll report on what I find there.
  • The Scarefest organizers will also have a room set up to run Starship Artemis. I've been wanting to try out my abilities as a Starfleet Ensign, so I'll try to squeeze in time to fly into "The Final Frontier."
  • And, of course, I'll be sticking my nose into any drop-in games I can find! And with three days of gruesome gaming at hand, who knows what I'll stumble into?

And, as always, I'll be live-blogging directly from the event, so stop by The Savage Afterworld for the next few days and see what's going on in the North Carolina mountains. It'll be so much fun, I might not survive the weekend!

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