Friday, June 3, 2016

North Texas RPG Con Day 1: Stopping Ragnarok With A Child's Toy And Killing a Shark With My Mind

GOOD MORNING DALLAS! (And everybody else who ain't here at North Texas RPG Con 2016.) Yesterday's informal meet-n-greet energized me for the events that lay ahead, and I'm roaring to get started with this most OSR of events. As I type up these introductory words, it's 6 a.m. and I'm preparing to go eat breakfast. On my schedule today is a game of Ghostbusters (running) and Met. Alpha (playing). Plus, y'know, whatever happens in the between-times. Let's see what today holds, shall we?
  • I turned on the TV this morning (for some sweet D&D tunes -- see previous post) when I saw the TV wasn't working right. I unplugged it then plugged it in. Now it won't work at all. Whoops. Leaving a note for maintenance...
  •  You know, I *love* a cup of coffee in the morning. And I super-love hotel bathroom coffee. Shaving while a cup o' joe brews at arm's length? Nirvana! But when I set up a coffee maker in the bathroom at home, my wife wasn't too keen on the idea.
  • Enough of my morning rituals. Time to hit the con!
  • Just a few of the folks I've met today: Jason Braun who was prepping to set up his area in the Artist's Area; Michael Curtis who spoke of DCC Lahnkmar and upcoming mutual projects (as well as signing something for me...see below); buddy Justin Davis and wife Alana (and baby Ajax who has two speeds -- Full Tilt and Dead Asleep); and gaming pal and Old Man Grognard hisself Glen Hallstrom and his +5 Fez of Awesomeness.
  • My Ghostbusters game "Ragnarok-a-bye Baby" just ended amongst much revelry as the "Goose-boosters" managed to defeat the World Serpent who was accidentally called to Earth by Thrud Thorson, Thor's 3-(thousand)-year-old toddler. After losing their VW Bus ("Ecto-64") when it crashed into a Frost Giant, our heroes managed to cobble together a Smart Car and sled to get to the final confrontation and stop Nordic Ragnarok in time. It's a good thing that toy hammer was imbued with both supernatural essences and positive protonic energy! Shout outs to Glen, Erik, Rach, Justin, Ben, Bobby, and Michael! They were indeed here to save the world!
  • I talked to artist Jeff Dee for a bit, congratulating him on regaining the V&V rights. He clued me into some plans for the line and, as a big time fan of V&V, it's got me pretty excited for the game. Jeff also signed my original well-played copy of Tomb of Horrors, as the cover artwork on that is one of my favorites from any game.
  • After eating lunch with Justin and Alana (and bemoaning wayward Kickstarters we're both involved in for anyone who would listen), I scampered to one of the boardrooms to play in Mike Curtis' "Radiation Road." Our group of mutants we tasked with securing a vault many miles away before one of several other clan-teams made it there first. It was Mad Max motorized mayhem, and we were victorious! In fact, Mike told us we were the first to ever successfully get to the goal. My highlight of the evening: Causing a sandshark to explode underground using only the power of MY MIND.
  • It's about 11 pm as I wrap this up, so I think I'll hit the sheets. Or hit the bar. Haven't quite made up my mind just yet. So I'll top off the metaphorical tank with this batch of photos from today's events. Enjoy!
The main atrium early in the morning before the games start. The entrance to NTRPG Con is in the rear of this photo. (The main ballroom for other games, the auctions, and vendors and such.)

 I love the fold-em-up cardboard dice towers they have at this event. Each table has one.

 Vendors are already set up and sellin' their wares. Lots of good stuff already up for grabs! (And I've "grabbed" some good stuff already!)

 One of many games underway.

Michael Curtis signed my copy of DCC RPG "Intrigue At The Court of Chaos." His sig appears in the top right corner of this photo. And where I died during the playtest (The Chamber of the Yokeless Egg) is now marked in the lower left corner.

 Lookit all this DCC goodness!

 Action shots of the main floor...

 More games going on in the ballroom...

 I love seeing this display every time I come here. (I'd also love it if some of those things were for sale!)

The "Goose-Boosters" in action. (And who's that guy behind me looking at my notes? I wonder if he's into gaming?)

Michael Curtis takes a group of Metamorphosis Alpha mutants down "Radiation Road"

 Jeff Dee was kind enough to sign my very old, very worn copy of Tomb of Horrors. After signing his cover artwork, he then sketched a tiny "silver knight" logo on the opposite side of the TSR logo! Thanks very much Jeff!

 My purchases thus far in the dealer room. Picked up some new DCC RPG modules, a DCC t-shirt (I love that logo), some new Villains & Vigilantes products, and a hardback copy of WEG's Star Wars RPG: Second Edition!

And, to tug at your heartstrings, my wife sent me this photo of our dog waiting for me to return. Awwww...

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