Thursday, April 14, 2016

[GameHack] Saloon Of Horrors: A New Drinking Quest Adventure Available For Download

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I love, love, love Drinking Quest. It combines two of my favorite hobbies: drinking and questing. Plus, it's a damn fun drinking game by way of role-playing. I have the Trilogy Edition that Kickstarted a few years ago, and I'm eagerly awaiting fulfillment of the recently funded Drinking Quest: Journey Into Draught. But I wanted to do more than play Drinking Quest...I wanted to create my own adventure for this humorous RPG. And that's just what I did.

One of my favorite classic adventure modules is a certain notorious deathtrap that takes place "under a lost an lonely hill." After a bit writing, designing, and some fairly-passable cartooning -- as well as getting permission and approval from Jason Wiseman, DQ's creator -- my parody dungeon for Drinking Quest is now complete. Folks, I give you...
"Under a lost and lonely hill, the foul demi-lich Bracererak has built a personal barroom to drink for all eternity. You’ve got a powerful thirst, so you’re not going to let rumors of the “World’s Deadliest Tavern” stop you from sneaking in for a drink!"

This 12-card Drinking Quest adventure is a high-level quest designed to be played after a Quest 4 set. (You'll need to have gained some XP, extra weapons, and more than a few Bellow Ales to get through this adventure!) Can you withstand the terror found within the Men's Room of Dire Foulness? Will you be able to survive the Obvious Deathtrap and Hell's Slip-n-Slide? Prepare yourself for the final confrontation with Bracererak, the demi-lich! (His over-tightened braces have made him cranky.)

The card set is designed to be printed using business card-sized templates for ease of use, or you can print the card sets onto cardstock and trim on the provided lines. Print the cards on one side, flip over the sheet, and print the card backs on the reverse. Download the free PDF, print and cut them out, get out your Drinking Quest set and a few beers, and play this new adventure with your friends! Jason himself said of Saloon of Horrors, "This is hilarious!" which I consider high praise indeed!

Saloon of Horrors for Drinking Quest can be downloaded at this link or by clicking the logo above. Enjoy, and remember: "Quest in moderation!"

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  1. While I haven't played Drinking Quest yet, it's on my list of games to pick up. Thanks for the free Side Quest.


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