Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How About Some Dungeons & Flagons? Drinking Quest Kickstarter Now In Its Final Hours

(Excuse the meme. Couldn't help myself.)

One of my favorite games to play during convention downtimes is Drinking Quest. The cleverly designed card-based RPG incorporates liquid libation into a humorous evening of questing and quaffing. So far, there have been three editions of the "Drunkards & Dragons" game, and now all three of these editions have been combined, updated, and expanded into a new boxed set with tons of extras!  "Drinking Quest: The Trilogy Edition" looks to expand upon the game, and the Kickstarter for this new edition is wrapping up a very successful fundraiser with about 40 hours left as this post goes live.

The Trilogy Edition of Drinking Quest introduces a host of improvements and additions to the game, including:

  • All three original DQ editions in one package! (Each edition has 4 quests, so that's 12 different drinkin' adventures!)
  • Bigger, full-color cards!
  • A new system that uses more than just d6s!
  • A fancy-shmancy box to hold it all!
  • Plus, three stretch goals have been reached, adding THREE new Drinking Quest...quests!

For roughly $40 US ($44 CAN), you get the entire shebang listed above. And the next stretch goal will provide everyone with a new bottle opener featuring Chuglox, the drunken barbarian featured in the game.

At game conventions, there are three afterhours "beer and pretzels" games I always seek out just for the sheer brilliant fun they bring: Illuminati, Are You a Werewolf, and Drinking Quest. And this new edition will become part of my travelling pack. Look for me at a convention and we'll play (if you're of drinkin' age). And for those who would like their own "deluxe edition" of the world's best RPG-slash-drinking game, you now have a little less than two days to toss in and secure your own set.

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