Thursday, August 30, 2012

Attending PAX? If So, Wanna Do Me A Favor?

I'm tossing this out to the blogosphere in hopes that someone out there can help me out. Because I was wrapped up in my own little word while at Gen Con, I completely missed the limited advance release of a board game I've been waiting MONTHS for. I dropped the company a line and the game will not be available for commercial release until October. However, they DID tell me that they would have several dozen copies available at PAX Prime this weekend.

Anyone who will be attending that can 1. grab a copy of this game and 2. mail it to me will be handsomely rewarded for the effort. If you'll be there and want to discuss the details of my offer, please drop me a line at the email posted to the right. Thanks!

EDITED TO ADD: And many thanks goes out to Joel Sparks and Shelley Harlan of Faster Monkey Games who were able to help me out and hook me up! Thanks so much!

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