Monday, June 18, 2012

Signed Metamorphosis Alpha Winner (As Well As Other Prizes)

One week after I made the offer to hold a "raffle" of a Jim Ward-signed edition of Metamorphosis Alpha for everyone who donated to the Bail Out the Warden Fund, I have compiled a list of all donors. So here's the Prize up for grabs:
And the winner is BRIAN RUSSELL! Congrats Brian, and thank you for your donation!

Now then, as a surprise, I had also lined up two other raffle prizes as second and third prizes for two other donors. Here are the additional Prizes up for grabs:
However, because Brian was the sole donor during the week I had the offer posted, the winner of the Mutant Future rules is BRIAN RUSSELL! And the winner of the Apocalypse Tech Report is BRIAN RUSSELL! Congrats Brian, and thank you again for your donation! (I'll also send you one of the Savage AfterWorld dice too.)

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  1. Wow, Thanks! I feel bad no one else contributed though.