Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Notorious NPC: "Rotgut"

6th Level Mutant Human
STR: 10 --- INT: 18
DEX: 20 --- WIL: 12
CON: 11 --- CHA: 8
HPs: 49 --- AC: 5
Mutations: increased sense (sight); mental barrier; negative empathy

“Rotgut” is the nickname given to a well-known, yet disliked bartender who works at the local watering hole. Rotgut appears as an average-sized human wearing a tattered pair of overalls and a bartender’s apron. He never speaks, and his head is always covered with a welder’s mask, shielding his face from view. Many people are uneasy with his appearance to the point of hostility. This disquiet has spilled over into bar fights that break out on a weekly basis. The owner of the tavern keeps Rotgut around, because “He’s the best damn mixologist I’ve ever found.” It’s said that Rotgut’s skills are such that he can turn turpentine and spidergoat sweat into a delicious cocktail.

The unease that occurs in Rotgut’s presence is due to his negative empathy mutation. Those around him feel as if they can’t trust him or that he means to do them harm the moment their back is turned. Nothing could be further from the truth, but Rotgut has accepted his lot in life to be eternally disliked. This mutation caused a mob to turn on him at a young age; his face was horribly disfigured and his larynx was damaged as a result. He hides his face under the mask, as he feels his hideous appearance combined with his negative empathy mutation might get him killed. Rotgut’s increased sight mutation makes it difficult to sneak up on him, and his mental barrier protects him from most mental attacks. Ever since he was attacked, he remains ever on guard from future violence. Rotgut trains in combat in his downtime and has gotten good enough to merit two attacks per round. He is also fast enough to boost his AC as well as give him a +4 bonus when attacking via missile attacks. His +3 Initiative Modifier also ensures that he will get the first attack in nearly every instance.

Rotgut’s expertise in mixing things together goes far beyond simple drinks and cocktails. Rotgut is a gifted chemist with an innate understanding of the way liquids and fluids combine. He has developed his own versions of both nitroglycerine and “Greek fire.” He has created new kinds of fuel that burn more efficiently and longer in internal combustion engines. He has crafted poisons, detoxification mixtures, and a host of other chemical wonders. He has a sizable lab hidden on the outskirts of town where he tinkers with his experiments. Rotgut would love to share these wonders with someone, but his negative empathy mutation makes developing friendships an impossibility. If he ever decides he's had enough animosity, Rotgut has stockpiled enough explosive power to level a small city. This, combined with his combat swiftness and expertise, potentially makes him a very dangerous man.

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