Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taking Attendance For Gen Con

Are you an old-school grognard? Do you have an RPG blog? Are you attending Gen Con 2012 in August? Want to potentially meet-and-greet with other like-minded OSR enthusiasts? Would you like for me to get to the point?

Digital Orc has sent out the call for other Gen Con OSR bloggers who are attending Gen Con with the hopes of encouraging contact and a potential get-together amongst attendees. Fill out the form (here's the link) to have yourself included in the Master Spreadsheet of Gen Con OSR Blogger attendees.


  1. Pardon my asking, but where is Gen Con being held? And thanks for joining my blog - hope you find something there that you enjoy :o)

    1. Indianapolis, where it has been held since 2003.


  2. I'm going but only for MUTANT FUTURE!!! I just discovered the game and since my wife gave me a pass to go for the four days (we live in Pittsburgh and have a toddler) I am hoping and praying to get a seat at your table.