Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gen Con 2012 -- All Mutant Future, All The Time

Today is the last day for the first round of Gen Con 2012 event submissions. (There's another round, but the first round gives you better placement and what-not.) Just tossed in my first three events and, this year, it's all Mutant Future, all the time. Several folks told me last year that they wished there had been more Mutant Future events, as it seemed I was the only one running it. Had a great time running it last year, so this year, that's all I'll be running.

And here are the current events, dates, and times:

Thurs-Noon: Thundarr the Barbarian: Across the Dimensional Divide (RPG1230160) - Demon Dogs! A dimensional time-rip has appeared near "Indeenapliss." It must be the work of an evil wizard, but who? Join Thundarr, Ookla, and Princess Ariel as they try to save the world of 3994 AD!

Fri-10 AM: Gimme Shelter II: The Rushmore Salvage Job (RPG1230159) - NOW HIRING: Barter John needs up to 6 mutants to help secure and move four very large Ancient busts near the village of Blackhill. Must be OK with heights. Tools supplied. No mants need apply.

Sat-10 AM: Weed World (RPG1230158) - Within the last month, the growth of vegetation has accelerated, threatening to overrun your post-apocalyptic village. Does a children's story of "The Devil's Greenhouse" hold the key to survival?

Yes, there is now an "official" Savage AfterWorld "Thundarr Thursday" scheduled for Gen Con. (I may also add a second one for later that same day depending on demand.) See you in August!