Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mutant Future Revised Edition Coming In Late December

Goblinoid Games has announced that a revised edition of Mutant Future is coming in just a few short weeks! According to Dan Proctor, Mutant Future co-creator and Goblinoid Games' overlord, the revisions are going to be mostly cosmetic as the stock and public domain artwork is being replaced with shiny new illustrations by Mark Allen and Steve Zieser, although I assume some niggling errors and typos will be tackled as well. The revised edition is being released as a prelude for Mutant Future to enter general distribution! That's right -- spidergoats are about to invade your local Friendly Neighborhood Game Store!

I'll close with a preview of the new cover as drawn and designed by Mark Allen:

Start saving up your plasteel coins!


  1. That looks AWESOME. I've been failing to follow the forums lately, so I missed the announcement.

  2. I really like that cover.