Monday, October 25, 2010

[Festival of Fright] Furtive Faction: Tricker Treaters

Group Goals and Beliefs: To test the charitable nature of strangers. To judge the worthiness of "treaters" and to "trick" those who do not measure up.

Identifiers: Tricker Treaters are children (or possibly small adults) wearing tattered, shabby clothing and a single, simple mask. They may be carrying a bag or sack with them. They never speak, except for the phrase "Tricker Treat," which are the only words you will hear them utter.

Group History: According to legend, during the days of the Festival of Fear, small children would be sent into the world at night, begging for tribute. The children, wearing masks to hide their identities, would approach a stranger and utter the chant "Tricker Treat" while thrusting an open bag or sack at the stranger. The stories say that those who gave worthy gifts to these children would be blessed with good fortune throughout the year. Those who refused or offered small rewards would be punished -- or "tricked" -- for their miserly ways. If a Tricker Treater approaches you, you'd better have something of value to give to them. If you refuse or shortchange them, they'll wander off silently to plot their "trick."

Game Information: Since the days of the Final Wars, the original intent of the Halloween Trick-or-Treat tradition has been warped into a pseudo-religion. It is now viewed as a test of integrity and generosity. Those who pass are left unmolested. Those who fail are deemed unworthy of existence and will "tricked" i.e. killed. These "tricks" usually come in a form similar to the harmless pranks of yesteryear. However, instead of having eggs thrown at their house, the "tricked" may wake to hear live grenades crashing through a window. Instead of releasing a pig in the "tricked" house, they may find a hungry, angry hideous boar. Tricker Treaters see themselves as the final judge of mankind's true character, and they take that responsibility seriously and with bloody intent. It is rumored that their leader, known only as "Sam," is a very powerful mutant who violently enforces his interpretation of the Laws of the Festival of Fright.


  1. Excellent stuff, oh sort of spooky, a bit weird, so much potential.

  2. And the Festival of Fright is off to a delightfully creepy start! I love the way our old approach to the holiday has mutated (along with everyone else) here. This is the kind of thing that's missing from a lot of PA gaming, but that Thundarr and other media examples seem to include well. Can't wait to see the rest!