Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lords Of Light! Sorcery & Super-Science RPG Out This Summer

Just caught a blurb over at Green Skeleton Guild about an upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG from Expeditious Retreat Press. The game is called Sorcery & Super Science! and it will be released later this summer. XRP will even run a few games for it at Gen Con in August. Why am I so excited about this game? First, let's read the PR blurb for it:

"After the cracking of the moon and before the rise of Atlantis the world was a place strange to the thoughts of honest men. The death throes of science amid the birth of magic sculpted new generations of conquerors who strode the lands forging civilizations of steel, sinew, and sorcery from the decrepit hulks of the ones that fell before. Tyrannical wizards, amoral super-scientists, charismatic catalysts, and multifarious mutants battled for wealth, power, and honor. It was ten thousand years of barbarity; ten thousand years spent in the shadowy shells of past glories, hiding from horrible creatures that scratched and skittered for blood; ten thousand years of tyranny and injustice, ten thousand years of Sorcery & Super Science!"

This all sounds excitingly familiar, doesn't it? Now let's run through my personal checklist of Thundarr the Barbarian-related iconography:

  • A broken moon - CHECK
  • Tyrannical wizards - CHECK
  • Barbarians, super scientists, and mutants - CHECK
  • The phrase "super science and sorcery" right there in Thundarr's intro - CHECK
Even the PR blurb reads like an introduction to the world of Thundarr. The game is obviously inspired by my favorite post-apocalyptic cartoon show (this is a GOOD thing) and I'm super-excited to grab this upon release. So folks who have been clamoring for a Thundarr-related RPG, I think you're about to get your chance.
Here's a preview of the interior art for Sorcery & Super-Science! Start saving your coins!


  1. Concerning the interior art preview, Ariel didn't wear blue jeans and a button down shirt and nobody had a gun. That artwork looks more like a modern pulp adventure in Egypt than Thundarr or anything post-apocalyptic.

  2. OK, the single interior art piece that's been revealed is more "pulpy" than post-apoc. Well, if you take some episodes of Thundarr out of context, you may draw the same conclusions:

    Challenge of the Wizards - The show is obviously a Wacky-Races-type knockoff with bizarre cars in a strange race across the U.S.!

    Attack of the Amazon Women - The show is obviously an Aquaman-knockoff with strange undersea adventures in the aquatic world of Atlantis!

    Portal into Time - The show is obviously a Caveman-in-the-Modern-World send-up as a barbarian and his savage crew tries to understand the modern world of 1982 and the misadventures which occur!

    So, although I see your point, there were a lot of other cross-genre nuttiness with Thundarr, so who knows if an Egyptian adventure may have happened if a third season had been greenlit?

  3. It's not the mummy that bothers me so much as the crisp clean off-the-rack-from-JC-Penney outfits that they are wearing. Just doesn't "post-apocalyptic" or "barbarian" to me. Even the mutant is wearing cargo pants. Put Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla up against the mummy and the mummy would be fine. But the other characters look more Cadillacs and Dinosaurs than Thundarr to me:

  4. Do we know anythign about the game itself? The art is semi-irrelevant.