Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Creatures of the Wastelands Available for MF

In February 2009, Skirmisher Publishing released Creatures of the Wastelands, a collection of monsters, mutations, and other material for use with Mutant Future and other post-apocalyptic games. The "Menagerie of Mutants and Mutations" was written by Derek Holland and the Skirmisher Game Development Group and was illustrated by Dragan Ciric and Jeremy Pea.

This 80-page book contains:
  • More than 200 new creatures including the warlike Lumbricid, the insideous Silver Sheet, the mysterious Smart Stones, and several mutant dinosaurs.
  • More than 50 new mutations, including the new Parasite mutation type and a number of Plant mutations.
  • Several new terrain types, new materials, and a number of non-creature hazards.

The book is $7.99 and is available as a PDF download on several online sales venues, including DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.


  1. CotW was one of the primary inspirations for my gene-punk Mutant future / Labarynth lord game. I only wish that I could have gotten a physical copy at lulu.

  2. I didn't know CotW was released in any other format other than PDF. As far as the critters within, I'm partial to the Creeping Road and Skeletal Tar m'self.

  3. It's a goodly sized collection of Mutants that vary widely in style and power levels. There has got to be something (several somethings really) for anyone GMing Mutant Future or related games.

  4. Yep, Derek Holland has a talent for creating unique creatures, and thinking out their unique ecology. I also enjoyed doing the art - the Giant Arrow Worm and the Disembodied Hands are my works.

  5. Very keen to know that! I thought the Giant Arrow Worm illustration was particularly cool!


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