Friday, March 1, 2024

The Savage AfterWorld -- From Gaming Blog To Publishing House

Although The Savage AfterWorld (TSAW, for short) has fallen silent for a while, it's never gone away. Folks still stop by to read old reviews of different RPGS/board games or to pick through the years of free gaming content I've posted. But even if you don't see new material here on this blog, TSAW lives on as my personal publishing house imprint!

OK, so "publishing house" might be overembellishing it a bit...

My first RPG product, Deviant Database, was a compliation of new creatures originally posted here on this blog, so it seemed only fitting that I used the name of this blog as the "publisher". The next few products that followed -- Deviant Database 2.0 and One Year In The Savage AfterWorld -- were also assembled blog posts, so they also carried the TSAW moniker. 

However, time passed and, although my blog posts were becoming less frequent, my game creation and writing was still going strong. My name has been seen on products by several prominent companies, but anything I produce on my own continues to be a product of The Savage AfterWorld. In fact, the following  23 (!!!) products all carry The Savage AfterWorld imprint:

For Mutant Future:

  • Deviant Database
  • Deviant Database 2.0
  • One Year In The Savage AfterWorld

For Cryptworld:

  • Creepy Comic Conversion Issues 1 through 7

For Mutant Crawl Classics:

  • Dead In The Water
  • The Desk In Room 8-10
  • Phage From Below
For Quill:
  • Quill Quest: The Warlord's Downfall
  • Quill Noir
  • Quill Noir: Forgotten Cae Files

For Dungeon Crawl Classics:
  • Country Meat-Grinder Classics: The Hellson Horror
  • Country Meat-Grinder Classics: Wasted
  • Country Meat-Grinder Classics: Harvest of the Wytch
For Weird Heroes of Public Access:
  • 13 This Week
For Fiasco

  • Wonderland Park
And my own RPG:

  • FIE, I SAY! The D6 Comedy-Fantasy-Parody RPG
  • The Smell of Menace for FIE, I SAY!

So fret not, mes amis! The Savage AfterWorld lives on!