Saturday, August 13, 2022

A Glimpse Into My 1982 Villains And Vigilantes Campaign

My folks are cleaning out their house after 40+ years, getting getting to put in on the market. Apparently, my mom discovered an old folder tucked away in some forgotten closet. This folder contained notes, pictures, and sheets for several Villains and Vigilantes bad guys I cobbled together while running The Great Supervillian Contest, which I discussed on this blog. I'll likely put these up individually in the weeks to come, but for now I wanted to share this glimpse from Days of Roleplaying Past...

Let's see, from left to right: Mystic, V-H1cLe, Delver, The Apparition, and Rook.

And as an extra special bonus, the first-ever sketch made of Puzzler by my teenaged hands. I may have mentioned him once or twice here on this blog...

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  1. That is so cool. Can't wait to see you profile the individual items.