Saturday, March 9, 2019

Gary Con Day 3: Overpowered Wineskins And Overpowered Magic Missiles

Day 3 of Gary Con has come to a close early for me as I try to get warm and dry this evening. Had a great time today at this monster gaming event, but my time here is starting to come to a quick end. Heck, even Daylight Savings Time has conspired to take away one more valuable hour of gaming this weekend. Such is fate, I guess.

As usual with these little travelogues, these are my thoughts and experiences of the day's events as they occur. Here we go:
  • On the drive over, I was behind a car with a DCC RPG license plate frame. What made this even better was that the license plate read "TPK". Wish I had been able to meet the driver!
  • As I pulled into the Grand Geneva Lodge driveway, I passed a fairy door set into one of the trees. Charming little touch to the facility and kinda makes it all the better as Gary Con's current home.
  • Today is Hawaiian Shirt Saturday in honor of Gary's favorite iconic shirts he wore. I think more than  50% of attendees (self included) were wearing Hawaiian shirts. There is even a yearly photo taken of everyone decked out, but I was unable to get to the lobby for the photo because...
  • At 10 a.m., I was ready to run a new set of through Dead In The Water, my upcoming adventure for MCC RPG. As before, the team's village was overrun by waterlogged un-dead, but they discovered the Ancient fluid that explodes upon contact with fire! (And, of course, the explosion took out one or two of the 0-level thralls.) Some other scenes of interest: A Great White Gull landing on a victim and tearing off his head; another mutant was bitten by a flying tarantula while 75 feet up a ladder, causing him to fall to his death; and -- most interestingly -- the team had gathered many waterskins filled with that same explosive fluid and used it to great effect to blow up the Big Bad Mutant at the center of the chaos. Never occurred to me that the most dangerous item in the adventure could be turned around and used as the most powerful weapon in the game! Well done team!
  • Right after that game ended, I got to play in DCC RPG "The Corpse That Love Built" run by the adventure's creator Stephen Newton! In this horrific outing, our band learned of missing villagers and hideous experiments in unlife occurring at the mysterious castle on the hill. At one point, my halfling was set on fire. He survived the near-death experience, but was horribly scarred by the experience. After nearly dying at the hands of scorpion-hounds and a screaming lich-like woman, we finally found the mad doctor and his 20-foot tall creation. The "Holy Crap Did That Just Happen" moment occurred when our magic user spellburned 10 points for a Magic Missile spell, then rolled a NATURAL 20! By the time the spell ended, there was 80+ points of damage to everything and everyone we were up against, completely wiping out the threat as the rest of us clapped and applauded. What a way to end the session! Fantastic adventure!
  • When I left Gary Con, it was raining. I mean, it was RAINING. I raced out to my car, but I parked pretty far away so I got drenched. And the temperature is 35 degrees, so it was the barely not-frozen kind of rain that just chills you to the bone. So, although it's a bit early, I'm now in my room in some dry clothes and drinking some coffee as I try to knock away the chill.
  • Tomorrow I run one final game of FORSOOTH! and then my Gary Con comes to an end. I'm to check out and hit the road immediately thereafter, so the wrap-up post will be posted later upon m,y return home. Stay tuned...
And here are a few pix to round out today's report...
Today's Hawaiian shirt selection worn by Yours Truly reflects my love of kitschy Dogs Playing Poker artwork. 

 As proof, this is a picture from my gameroom at home with my Dogs Playing Poker art gallery. Yes, that's an original black velvet painting.

 This one gaming table was filled with folks wearing the iconic Hawaiian shirt.

Here is another group of happy-go-lucky mutants as they try to thwart the threat of Dead in the Water.

Stephen Newton poses with the very copy of The Love That Corpse Built he just spent 4 hours tormenting us with. Fantastic horrific adventure!

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