Wednesday, January 6, 2016

[Cryptworld] New Thing: Mirror Dweller

A Demonic Doppleganger for Cryptworld
STR: * --- WPR: *
DEX: * --- PER: *
AGL: * --- PCN: *
STA: * --- PWR: *
ATT: * --- WND: *
MV:  *
* = All attributes, abilities, and skills should be identical to the original.

Experience: 750

When someone suffering from intense negative emotions makes contact with a cursed or haunted mirror, that person could accidentally summon a mirror dweller. The mirror dweller is an exact duplicate of someone from our world. However, this doppleganger is twisted and evil of purpose, and its only intention is to replace its “positive world twin.”

Once the mirror dweller is summoned, the creature will lay in wait just on the other side of the mirror’s plane, waiting until no one on the "positive side" of the mirror is present. (In fact, someone could spy the mirror dweller lurking in the reflection “behind them” only to turn and see no one in the room with them!) Once alone, the mirror dweller will pull itself through the mirror's plane, entering our world as if through a window or doorway. The mirror dweller will then seek out its positive-world twin with intent to overpower, subdue, and replace its opposite. Once caught and subdued, the mirror dweller will hide their counterpart away, locking them up and keeping them alive as the mirror dweller steps in to take over their counterpart's life in the positive world. A mirror dweller will never knowingly kill their counterpart, viewing it as similar to "suicide." (They have no such qualms about killing family and friends though!)

Once the mirror dweller has taken over their counterpart's existence, it will set about sowing seeds of disquiet and destruction. Friends and family will see their "friend" acting inappropriately with ever-growing acts of self-destruction. The mirror dweller may commit crimes, up to and including murder, knowing that -- if discovered -- it can re-enter the mirror world and leave its positive world counterpart to take the fall.

For all purposes, a mirror dweller is nearly identical to the original individual. It has the same abilities and skills as the person it seeks to replace. Although it has its own sense of "identity," the mirror dweller will also have the memories of the original it seeks to replace, so it will easily blend in with its counterpart’s family and friends. However, a keen-eyed observer may notice slight changes in their friend's behavior, i.e., they're now left-handed, they don't recognize their new pet, they now smoke or bite their nails, etc.

If a mirror dweller is suspected, the thing will likely release its captive twin, then re-enter the mirror realm, leaving its counterpart to suffer the consequences. Killing a mirror dweller or breaking the portal mirror will banish the creature back to its own dimension. Mirror dwellers are always duplicates of their human counterparts – there has never been an encounter with an animal or thing.

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  1. Pretty cool. I am running "Chill", this one's a keeper. I like creatures that can really get into a players head and be interacted with more than "look, there's a monster, kill it!" It's much more fun when they get to play with their food...