Friday, November 6, 2015

Ask For RPG Goodies And Write Some Too! Secret Santicore Is Underway!

Ho-Ho-Hurrraaaaarrrggggghhhh! Secret Santicore 2015 is now underway, accepting requests for your deepest role-playing desires. Want a new monster? A new race? An adventure hook? A random table? Climb up on Ol' Santi's lap and let him know what you want. Then, in a twist on the classic gift exchange, YOU'LL be given a request from another person. You fulfill a gift request by creating what that person asked for and, come later, everyone gets a newly created RPG goodie! (And all of this OSR DIY open content goodness is compiled into one big ol' book for everyone! What kinds of stuff could appear? Take a look at last year's voluminous tomes for inspiration! (My own offering from last year, The Plague of The Vermin Guild, can be found in the Adventures volume.)

Move fast since you only have through November 14 to get your request in! Later that week, you'll get your own gift request to create, and you have until  December 1 to get it done and submitted. Then Santicore's Paindeer take over the editing, proofing, compiling, formatting, and general hammering into shape.

So why are you still standing there? Go sign up! And don't forget: "He sees you when you're sleeping, and he knows when you're awake."

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