Wednesday, October 29, 2014

National Game Design Month Kicks Off Nov. 1st! So What're YOU Creating?

It's nearly November and time to get your creative juices flowing! While others are trying to churn out their Great American Novel, I and other gamers will be participating in National Game Design Month, or "NaGa DeMon." In 30 days, you are encouraged to imagine, design, write, and play a game of your own design. It can be anything: a board game, a video game, a card game, or an RPG.

For the past few Novembers, I've participated in NaGa DeMon, which is a great kick-in-the-pants to actually get some long-neglected project out of my head and onto the page. My first Deviant Database and One Year in the Savage AfterWorld both started as NaGa DeMon projects and, in fact, one of my Cryptworld contributions was also created during the event. (The Smithsonian's SCD, in case you were curious.) So I'm calling out everyone who has a game in mind, an adventure they've been meaning to create, or a project they've never found time to start. For 30 days, get pen onto paper (or start hammering at the keyboard) and get that gaming masterpiece out of your head and onto the gaming table!

Oh, and what am *I* doing for this year? I have two projects I'm working on. One is a supplement for Cryptworld that's in the final stages of completion. I need to finalize one last chunk of text, and it's done. And the other project is one I've been noodling around with, and November is the month it gets finished, printed, and out to the public. Here's a hint-slash-preview-slash-logo:

So sound off in the comments if you plan to participate this year! It's always great to see who's working on what. And NaGa DeMon is a great way to get motivated to actually produce something for your favorite game!

And here are a few places you can go for more information:

The NaGa DeMon website
The NaGa DeMon facebook page (NaGa DeMon's founder)

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