Saturday, May 24, 2014

Looking For Artists For Deviant Database 2.0!

Hey gang,

Today's post is once again aimed at any artists out there -- from professionals to wanna-bes. I'm working on a follow-up to my original Mutant Future supplement, Deviant Database. I have a "sequel" of sorts planned, in fact, of 50 new creatures for use with Mutant Future. And if TSR can have a Monster Manual II, then I'm going to have a Deviant Database 2.0!

When I created the first Deviant Database as well as One Year In The Savage AfterWorld,  I made an offer: Anyone who illustrated any creature for the book would get artistic credit up front as well as the final PDF of the book. Anyone who drew three or more creatures got credit, the PDF, and a Lulu print copy of the final book. And the offer is being made once again... Contribute any illustration and you'll get artist credit and the final PDF when done. Contribute three, and I'll send the final print version of the book when done. Keep in mind that you do NOT need to be a professional artist with buckets of talent and a huge portfolio. Any "good faith" effort that isn't a copy or tracing of another's artwork is acceptable as this supplement begs for the "OSR, old-school, garage-print" treatment. (However, I do reserve the right to say "No thanks.")

Here's the current list of creatures I need art for (any that are "claimed" have been crossed out):
  • Large patch of moss of lichens. A skeleton lays on the bed of moss.
  • Several spiny sea urchins, but they aren’t underwater (they’re land dwellers).
  • Horse-headed humanoid wielding really big damn guns.
  • Imagine an elephant with a turtle’s shell and head with a beak. It’s got hypnotic eyes too.
  • A giant 100-feet tall alien-like creature. Thin, spindly, clawed legs and arms, insectoid head with tentacled mouth.
  • A turtle so large, it carries a huge island on its back.
  • Cornstalks that explode, sending spiderwebs everyplace.
  • A unicorn with a chainsaw blade for a horn.
  • Giant praying mantis.
  • A beautiful woman except that her head has opened up into a giant toothy maw to bite off the head of a paramour.
  • A tarantula with flaps of skin between its legs, allowing it to “glide” like a flying squirrel.
  • A three-headed creature on a barrel-shaped body with three arms and 9 tentacles it uses for locomotion.
  • A golem made out of cast-off internal organs (hearts, brains, kidneys, etc.) A living “gut pile” in human form.
  • A twisted cannibal human who lives in the swamps. Jagged teeth, pointy ears, and fingernail claws.
  • Large toad with jagged vampire teeth.
  • A giant pig-like boar. Three eyes, two mouths, and a set of horns that runs down its spine. Drools a lot.
  • A small leech-worm that has three sharp hook-like fangs that it uses to latch onto a victim.
  • A tyranousarus rex with strange hypnotic eyes.
  • A firey, ashen smoke-monster in a shifting humanoid form.
  • A large carnivorous flying fish that fires out a barbed tongue to snatch prey from the river banks.
  • Giant Venus Fly Trap that can trap human-sized prey.
  • A giant penguin with a mouth that’s as large as it is tall. Propels itself by sliding along the ground face-first, and scoops/eats its prey as it slides along into its open mouth.
  • A rhino that’s on fire and surrounded by a flaming aura.
  • A laughing donkey.
  • A humanoid covered in a hardened scab-like crust.
  • Large half-man, half-polar bear arctic monster.
  • A T-rex with a tank turret for a head.
  • A crab that is using a human skull for a shell.
  • A hairless water-dwelling otter that is covered in green slime.
  • A human with incredibly long arms and legs, twisted into bizarre directions. Runs on all fours, black skin, sharp teeth, barbed tongue, clings to walls like a spider.
  • Giant stinkbug (like the name says…)
  • Small insect that looks like a computer circuit board.
  • An animated snake skeleton.
  • A flaming human skull with wings. Yes, like the biker logo.
  • A half-man, half-shark mutant humanoid wielding an axe.
  • A crab with a squirrel’s head.
  • A giant insect that looks like a fallen log walking on “branch/twig-like” legs.
  • A giant centipede thing attacking a robot. It has a pair of sharp talons near its head that it uses to rip up machines…
If you would like to contribute a drawing or sketch for this new supplement, send me an email at gameagain at gmail dot com. Pick what you'd like to draw up, and send it in when you're done. Thanks for your consideration!


  1. Oh awesome I am so looking forward to this! My Oldest boy is currently running a brutal Mutant Future game, having a blast! He Loved the first book and so do I!