Sunday, October 20, 2013

Con On The Cob Wrap-up: What I'll Do Next Year

This will be short. Got home this afternoon after a great time in Hudson at Con on the Cob. I already have plans to return next year, as the con far exceeded my expectations and was a truly great time. Some lessons learned for next time:

  • Pack food - My room had a microwave and refrigerator that went unused. There were no restaurants nearby, and the only ways to get a meal were in the hotel restaurant and the local pizza joint that delivered. Although the con organizers and suite partiers graciously put on a spread nearly every night, it would have nice (and cheaper) if I had packed some eats of my own.
  • I'm not as light a sleeper as I thought - The con suite with 24 hour gaming and late night parties was across the hall from my room. Didn't mind the noise until Saturday night. The hallway was packed with partiers hitting two side-by-side room parties. I didn't get to sleep until 1 a.m. when it quieted down a bit. Next time, I get relocated to another part of the hotel.
  • Schedule ahead to play more - I ran four games (technically two due to no-shows), but I stupidly thought I'd just sign up for games when I got there. Turns out everything I wanted to play was filled already. Next time, I schedule ahead of time.
  • Play more pick-up games - Met several folks from the blogs and forums, but didn't play anything "off the schedule". Next time, I'll make sure to arrange some after-hours games with the fine folks I meet there.

Overall, Con on the Cob was great fun, and I'll make sure to do just a bit more pre-planning next year when I attend. Thanks to the con organizers, and save me a room in 365!


  1. Glad you made it. Maybe I will next year.

  2. It was fantastic to meet you at last, after so many years of reading and enjoying your blog. I really enjoyed the Thundaar game. Your GMing style was excellent. I think our party laughed, make Thudaar voices, and were the rowdiest crowd in the room. I appreciated the bound book. Please visit us in Detroit and see our convention stuff at our MetroDetroitGamers Wordpress and Facebook (more active of the two). Good times. Ride!!!! - John Jamieson, Detroit, MI.

  3. Heya Tim, it was great meeting you at CotC. Bringing your own food, water, soda and booze is a great idea. But if Con on the Cob is held at the same hotel next year, it bears mentioning that not all rooms have a refrigerator and microwave. Further, even if you reserve a room with them in the description, it's no guarantee that you'll have them come Con time. The manager explained to me that it didn't matter which room amenities I chose. Everyone who pays the con rate is thrown into a general pool and they have no control *cough* *bullshit* *cough* over who gets what rooms. She seriously said that to my face. I have always greatly disliked that hotel, aside from the awesome pool and fat-laden breakfasts. Let's hope that the Con actually has outgrown it for 2014.

    Failing that, smart money for next year would be to leave them a note in the special comments section saying that you need a fridge for medical purposes.

    Because knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joooooe!