Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Savage Menagerie: Pyronoceros

No. Enc.: 0 (1d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 1 (butt or trample)
Damage: 2d4 or 2d8, plus an additional 4d6 (phosphorous hide)
Save: L3
Morale: 5
Hoard Class: None

The Pyronoceros (pie-roh-NAH-sir-us) is a flaming mutated version of the common rhinoceros (MF rulebook, page 92). A Pyronoceros is a large horned creature covered with a thick leathery hide. Through mutational evolution, its physiology is based on phosphorous rather than carbon and iron. This phosphorus permeation is evident in its hide, which is always burning with a hellish glow, giving the animal the appearance of being engulfed in yellow-orange flames. (It's easy to tell if you've stumbled into a Pyronoceros' homegrounds as the fields, grass, and trees will be scorched and charred.) The flaming hide does not harm the creature in the least, but are quite dangerous to any who come into contact with the creature. Any contact with these phosphorous fires will do 4d6 points of searing burn damage. It stands to reason that the Pyronoceros is immune to all heat and fire-based attacks.

Unlike the traditional rhinoceros, the Pyronoceros is actually a shy, timid creature that avoids contact with intruders. However, it is easily spooked and, if frightened, it will attack violently. A Pyronoceros attacks by charging the victim, then butting them with its horn for 2d4 points of damage, or trampling for 2d8 points of damage. The victim will then take an additional 4d6 points of burn damage unless they are somehow immune or protected from heat damage.

It's theorized that if the blood of a Pyronoceros is bottled and thrown, it will explode like a grenade upon impact, burning all who are coated with a napalm-like fire. However, since the creature's blood burns upon contact with air, it is unknown how anyone has managed to bottle it to test this theory.

Mutations: phosphorous hide