Thursday, January 19, 2012

Metamorphosis Alpha First Edition Available In Print Again

The grand-mack-daddy of post-apocalyptic RPGs is available in print again!

Metamorphosis Alpha First Edition has just been posted to Lulu for folks who need a hardcopy version of this classic game in their hands. These reprint offers surface every so often (last time was in 2007, as I recall), so grab them while you can!

Obligatory descriptor:

Metamorphosis Alpha was the world's first sci-fi role-playing game. Metamorphosis Alpha was originally published in 1976, and has since been released in a total of four editions. This old game is the granddaddy of all Post Apocalyptic games and was the inspiration for TSR Hobbies' game Gamma World.

This booklet allows players to choose to play a human, mutant or mutated animal and provides descriptions of mutations and defects. It also provides rules for working out the mysterious and sometimes dangerous technological devices found throughout the Starship Warden.

There are descriptions of all 17 levels of the Starship Warden, a 50 mile long, damaged vessel with some real problems for it's inhabitants. Mutants galore! Weird and wonderful mutated animals, mutated plants and some things that still have a few strands of human DNA in them, somewhere...

This game was state-of-the-art in 1976, and will be of interest to enthusiasts and collectors alike. Forget having to lug half a dozen books around to play this game. Its all here in this little book, without the need for supplements. This is classic Old School gaming from before anyone even knew what "Old School" was.

This revised edition includes grammar and spelling corrections, additional errata, and a short adventure.

The reprint is available at Lulu for $15 (a bargain indeed!) The PDF version is also available at Drive Through RPG for $5.95.


  1. I am very excited about this. MA is a rare commodity on the old ebay these days, and the price is absurdly low. I hope Mr Ward is getting some profit from selling these.

  2. That is evil and entirely not fair! I JUST made an order from Lulu, and now I must make another!

  3. Join the club. I bought the PDF YESTERDAY. Ah well, the PDF goes onto the tablet, and an order for the print version has been made. ;)

  4. Firstly, I wanted to say "Thanks" for telling people about the reprint. I've dropped the price of the print version of Metamorphosis Alpha: The House On The Hill module to $13.99 for the rest of January, to accompany the rules :)

    It can be purchased from at the new price. It may take a few days to filter through to Amazon.

    Craig J. Brain

  5. What is this 'reprint' which you speak of? I still have my original. :)

  6. Just got my print version. Ordered it the day I posted this, and got it on Monday - a 4-day turnaround. Great service! I'll have it with me at Gary Con!