Thursday, May 5, 2011

Notorius NPC: Feldspar the Geologian

4th Level Geologian

STR: 19 --- INT: 15
DEX: 10 --- WIL: 14
CON: 17 --- CHA: 8
HPs: 91 --- AC: 4

Mutations: hyperburrowing; seismic tremor; pain insensitivity

Feldspar is one of the race of Geologians - mysterious but powerful stone humanoids that are rarely encountered in the Mutant Future. However, Feldspar has not only entered into society on his own, but he has apparently risen to a position of respectability in a small village community.

Feldspar is 7 feet tall and made mostly out of his namesake material. He is incredibly strong, giving him a +4 to hit bonus and +5 damage bonus due to his STR score. His right hand is coated with high concentration of feldspar, and he receives an additional +1 damage bonus when he strikes with his unarmed fist. Due to his mineral composition, his "skin" is AC4, making him resistant to most damage. However, it comes at a price as Feldspar also has pain insensitivity. He is unaware of any damage taken or injuries sustained in combat until the point of collapse or even death.

Feldspar's personality is like most Geologians: he is quiet, stoic, and does not discuss his past at all. One unique personality trait of Feldspar's is that he has developed a very black and white vision of right and wrong. It is this overdeveloped sense of justice that has brought Feldspar to the attention of the village of Little Rock and a degree of notoriety. A small caravan was heading toward the village when it was attacked by marauders. Feldspar -- who had wandered out of the hills and saw the attack -- used his mutation of hyperburrowing to move into position behind the attackers. Exploding out of the ground, he took half of the bandits by surprise, pummeling them where they stood. He then unleashed his seismic tremor ability, flattening the rest of the attackers.

Astounded at his power and thankful for his assistance, the caravan leader brought Feldspar into Little Rock where he was lauded as a hero and made marshal of the town. Feldspar appreciates the recognition and has grown accustomed to the role of "law giver" for the area. Over time, the villagers have come to view him as the de facto leader of the town, coming to him with any questions or problems concerning personal issues or matters regarding the town. The town's elected leaders have gradually relinquished their roles when it became obvious they were no longer approached for their advice and counsel.

When first encountered, the PCs may think that Feldspar is some kind of powerful behemoth keeping the town under his thumb. In actuality, Feldspar's leadership position is one he's earned over the years with fair and just decisions. The PCs may even be tasked by Feldspar to take care of matters in the town's interest.


  1. Cool. I particularly like the name "geologian."

  2. Very evocative name & awesome character concept. Keep up the good work


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