Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Week's Worth Of Mutant Future!

Like sands in the hour glass, so are the weekly series dedicated to Mutant Future. Be sure to tune in each week for the following regular ongoing series:

* 2e Tuesday at Warning-Mutagenic Substance: Each Tuesday, blogmeister Carl Nash converts a classic second edition Gamma World critter for use with Mutant Future. This week, Carl presents both the Sleeths and Fleshins. If you have a warm radioactive soft spot in your heart for Obbs, Fens, and Hoops, you'll want to make a stop over at his blog each Tuesday.

* Word Verification Wednesday at both I SEE LEAD PEOPLE and Green Skeleton Gaming Guild: A friendly contest between blogmeisters Eli Arndt and Brutorz Bill has turned into a very interesting menagerie of Mutant Future critters. Each week, both Eli and Bill design creatures for the words they encounter on various word verification requests around the Internet. Since December, they've posted the likes of the Volog, Obkil, Parahowl, and Dizatere. A keen idea that has birthed some keen (and disturbing) mutants!

* Thundarr Thursday at The Savage AfterWorld: Sure, it's a little self-serving, but Thundarr Thursday has been running since June 2009 and has even spawned a Thundarr-specific Mutant Future supplement.

Who knows what else we may see soon? Might I suggest someone pick up the ball and run with "Mutation Mondays"?


  1. Thanks for the link! I love your Thundarr Thursday series, so I consider myself to be in good company.

  2. Carl, thank you for the plug here and the kind words. I love your Thundarr series. That show has to be one of my all time favorite childhood shows along side the Flash Gordon animated series and The Herculoids.

    It'd be fun and funny if we could get every day of the week covered.

  3. Do I get to join the club?
    --The Weapons and Armour of the Ancients posts ought to be useful to MA/GW/MF gamers. :)

  4. Thanks for the Shout out! I'm a big fan of your Thundarr Thursdays! I hope some folks have been able to use some of my beasties!
    Good Gaming!

  5. @ Timeshadows; You are more than welcome to join the "club" (such as it is!). The link above were to regular appearing weekly features. Do you run your Weapons and Armour of the Ancients posts each wekk on a particular day? If so, post a link! We'd love to see 'em!