Monday, November 2, 2009

Everyone Loves Free T-shirts and Hats

A friend of mine pointed out this special online offer. A company known as Corporate Casuals is a supplier of custom printed and embroidered shirts, hats, and what-not. As part of a "get to know us" promotion, they will custom print one t-shirt or embroider one hat for free (you pay $5.99 shipping though). I ordered the shirt pictured here. Arrived within 4 days after ordering and it's pretty nice. The free shirt offer is pretty basic - you can only use a white shirt and their logo appears on the back (or it can cost you an extra $3 to go without the logo). The online design program gives you a selection of 6 or 7 fonts to use and there's a bunch of clipart to choose from too. You can also upload a high-rez picture of your own for the design. Hats are limited to a simple embroidery of a line of text. Anyway, it's a pretty good deal that I wanted to share. Here are the links: Free hat offer or free t-shirt offer.

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