Friday, March 23, 2012

Gary Con Day 2: Timemaster, Mutant Future, and the Phantom Flusher

Howdy folks. It's Day 2 at the Celebration of a Life Well Played. I'm getting ready to leave my room this morning to begin the day, so the following posts are updated throughout the day until I return to my room later tonight:
  • During the night, I was awakened to bloopgurglehissssgurglebloop. Dozed back off. Half-hour later, bloopgurglehissssgurglebloop. Discovered my room's toilet must have a leaky stopper flap. Water leaked into the bowl and, when the level was low in the upper tank, it'd refill. I fixed it by shutting the bathroom door. (Will mention it to the front desk in the morn.
  • One heartbreaking moment: When downloading my pix to my computer for last night's post, I found some pix on my digital camera my wife had taken of our dog just days before we had to put her down. They must be the last pix taken of her. Had no idea they were on here. Damn, that was a tough discovery to make. I has a sad. :(
  • My throat feels like I was gargling with barbed wire. Really overdid the gamemastering yesterday. Need to dial it back a bit to get through today's Timemaster and Mutant Future games. I'll be voiceless tomorrow if I'm not careful. (I had hot tea and throat lozenges for breakfast.)
  • Before my Timemaster game, I swung into the dealer room and finally met Dan Proctor of Goblinoid Games. Sadly, I only had a few minutes to shake his hand and exchange pleasantries, but I told him I'd swing back through before the day was up.
  • Speaking of Timemaster and Mutant Future, both games went very well and much fun was held by all. Had two players in the Timemaster game who were tasked with ensuring the first run of the Pony Express in April 1860 was a success. There was a riverboat fight, a horse chase, an ambush at a remote relay station and -- most interesting -- a "reset" of the timeline when the Bad Guy sent a warning to himself earlier in the timeline. But they were able to puzzle it out and set the Continuum straight. In my Mutant Future game, plantlife was growing wildly out of control and the mutants had to get to the bottom of it. By the time they reached the source of the problem, they were face-to-face with a pissed-off 25-foot-tall mutant oak tree.
  • I asked one of the last players to arrive for my Mutant Future game if he was familiar with the game. "I think so. I wrote two modules for it," he said. It was Jeff Sparks who wrote both Re-Energizers and Realm of the Technomancer.
  • Met Dan Proctor later in the hotel bar where he, his wife, and I had a drink and talked about editing, accents, linguistics, and future plans for...well...that'll be a post for another day.
And now on to the photos...
My Timemaster game in full swing.

The lobby's been hopping with pick-up games since I arrived!

A large-scale miniatures battle in progress.

Dan Proctor and I.

Dan was kind enough to autograph my Mutant Future rulebook.

Oh, and there was a special hardcopy limited release of the hot-hotty-von-hottest RPG currently abuzz. Grabbed my copy for $20. Yet anther benefit of being here!


  1. That Timemaster session sounds great. Glad you're having a fun time.

  2. Thanks for the Mutant Future game, it was a blast!

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  4. I stuck around for awhile to see if you were gonna take a break to chat a bit, but that TimeMaster session seemed all too consuming.

  5. I thought I saw you! Sorry that you felt shut out, but you could have introduced yourself. I'm the Continuum Master -- time stops and does my bidding during such events! ;) (I'll look for you during Saturday -- I've got a lot of free time that day.)

  6. Sorry, man...I am back in Michigan today. I only came to see what Gary Con was like and didn't have plans to stay but a couple of hours and meet some some stuff (like RotWorld). It was cool to put faces to screen names. Now that I got a feel for Gary Con...I am probably gonna do the whole weekend next year. If I were to stay longer yesterday...I would have had no problem asking to jump in the game...especially a Mutant Future game.