Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gary Con Or Bust

As this post goes live, I'm climbing in the car and starting my 7-hour sojourn to Gary Con IV in Lake Geneva, WI. Looking forward to running several games, playing in a few, and meeting the movers, shakers, and founders of the hobby we all enjoy. Just found out that Dan Proctor of Goblinoid Games will be there as well, so I'm looking forward to finally meeting the mind behind Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord. (Plus I want to pick his brain on Timemaster's "future." Heh.)

I've got the laptop and a camera, so I'll be posting regular blog updates from the event with pictures, news, and whatever seems interesting. Stay tuned both here and at Time Corps HQ for on-the-scene coverage of this ever-growing celebration of all things Old School!

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