Monday, May 24, 2010

Full-length Mutant Future Adventure Module Released: Re-Energizers!

Faster Monkey Games is the first one out of the gate with the first full-length adventure for Mutant Future! "Re-Energizers" is a 16-page PDF for beginning characters just starting their journey into the Wastelands. From the back cover:

In the mutated post-apocalypse, a man with a laser gun can win an argument. A man with two killer attack robots, though, can rule a whole town–and that’s just what Boss Jarvis does, dominating the little fortified settlement called Xitnine. When Jarvis needs someone to fetch new batteries for his mechanical henchmen, his jaded eye falls on the strangers in town… and that’s you. It sounds like a decent job, so long as you ignore the rumors of swarming mutant beasts, robots gone berserk, and deadly fields of radiation.
As an extra bonus, FMG is holding a Mutational Day Sale from now until Memorial Day. You can pick up this premiere trek into the Blasted Lands for only $3.00! (The sale also extends to FMG's other support materials for Savage Worlds and Labyrinth Lord). Re-Energizers is now available for download at


  1. Awesome, picked it up this morning!

  2. Only $3, I believe I'll have to pick this up also!

  3. Picked it up is a really nice little adventure (probably only an evenings play) for a beginning crew. I plan on putting it into my sandbox.