Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gary Con Day 0: Gaining An Hour And Drinking A Buncha Cows

Just got back to my room and I'm calling it a day. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, drove 7 hours to get here, and have been running around and meeting folks up until this moment. Plus the fact I lost an hour (see entry below) all makes for one very tired and sleepy Sniderman.

Here are some thoughts and observations regarding the trip out, the lodge, and the as-of-yet-unstarted con:
  • Toll roads from Ohio to Wisconsin are an absolute bitch. By my calcs, I paid $17 just for the privilege of driving on roads identical to the free ones I drive on. I'm reminded of the Bugs Bunny 'toon when he has a sailboat in the Panama Canal: "Twenty-five cents to go through this thing? Ehhh, I'll walk foist!"
  • As I pulled into Lake Geneva, I got behind a car with the license plate: 688-TSR. Not sure if they're gamers or if it's just an incredible coincidence. Wish I had grabbed a photo.
  • Sorry for the lousy resolution on my previous post's pix. All I had was my phone camera.
  • I stopped at Burger King at 11:30 a.m. when I got to Wisconsin because I was starving. I walked in and they were still serving breakfast. Confused, I ordered a breakfast sandwich and went to my car. It wasn't until I sat down that I realized I had crossed from Eastern to Central Time Zone, losing an hour. It was only 10:30 a.m.! One positive note, I just got an extra hour of gamin' because of it!
  • The lodge is very nice, very comfortable, with a great staff thus far. I really like the small, intimate feel of the area, so the convention will be small, but bustling once underway. But all of the signage is high quality with a big-con feel. The screens in the lobby running constant Gary Con daily updates is also nice and appreciated.
  • However, my room is the second-most-furtherest from the lobby/gaming area. I literally must walk the entire length of the building each time.
  • Picked up my pre-registration materials. because I'm running games, my Gary Con lanyard is black with "DUNGEON MASTER" on it. Tres cool.
  • I met Michael, Colin, and Chad of the Dead Games Society in the hotel bar for a DGS Meet-n-Greet. Great to finally put faces to their online personas. Great guys too. Looking forward to gaming with them this weekend. If you're interested in playing and running out-of-print RPGs, this is the organization to join!
  • Gary's favorite beer was Spotted Cow, and it's on tap and flowing freely at Gary Con. Had one this afternoon. It was followed by 3 of its brothers. Damn is it good. During Gary Con Happy Hour, when Spotted Cow will only be a buck a glass (or free if you bought one of the special cups, like I did), I will be in soooo much trouble.
  • The Gary Con motto is "A Celebration of a Life Well Played!" It works as a great memorial to Gary, but it also reminds us all to go out and enjoy ourselves.
Not a lot of activity tonight, except for a handful of pickup games in the lobby. My guess is that most folks are getting reacquainted or just resting up for the big day tomorrow. I did grab a few "environmental shots" while things are quiet though. Here you go:
Entrance to the lodge.
Signage at the restaurant check-in.
Cool to see this poster-sized blow-up of the Keep on the Borderlands module!
Registration desk is quiet...for now...


  1. I will be there tomorrow, my second year and this will be even better than last year. Yes, I too am rather keen on the Spotted Cow...the price of the cup is well worth it.

  2. Man, tomorrow's flight can not come soon enough!

  3. Adding tolls to rising gas prices, con trips this year are gonna hurt. DGS power ring looks sweet!

  4. Hah! Excellent, have a great time. Also from Ohio and considered Gary Con but it looks like our budget will be saved and blown at Gen Con this year. Keep us updated!

  5. Free beer in a special cup?!

    Sweet Christmas!

  6. DGS power ring looks sweet!

    You mean like this one?
    Sniderman's new GM PROG

    I was deputized yesterday with my DGS Gamemaster ring!

  7. Very cool, thanks for this. Please do more. As an Northern Ohioan, I feel your pain re:tolls.

  8. Sounds like there needs to be a "dead game" chapter in Ohio (I'm also here in the waste-er, heartland) :)