Friday, March 2, 2012

Shameless Cross-Promotion: Time Corps HQ

Hey Gang,

I have a second RPG blog I've been running for about four months now. Time Corps HQ presents adventures, inspiration, and discussion for Goblinoid Games' Timemaster RPG, as well as other time travel and "historical correction and enforcement" role-playing games. Timemaster by Pacesetter (now owned by GG) was one of my first RPG loves, and I'm very excited about the new release of this classic system from 1984.
  • Meet and interact with famous folks from throughout history!
  • Investigate historical events and correct those that have been altered!
  • Fight the Demorean menace and time renegades who warp The Continuum for their own nefarious purposes!
I have some interesting contests and giveaways coming for the site in the near future, so stop by and check it out! (And pick up a copy of Timemaster at Lulu or Drive Through RPG!)

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