Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Mutant Future] Going Postal 6 & Wisdom From The Wastelands 34 & 35 Now Out!

Playing catch-up today as I announce THREE new supplements for Mutant Future now on sale!

Darwin's Children: The Gallusians -- The Gallusians are bipedal humanoid descendants of a genetically altered strain of poultry created prior to the Apocalypse.  The original stock had been altered to increase the size and mass of the poultry for greater food generation.  The labs and farms where the stock was maintained were located in more rural areas, and several flocks survived and quickly evolved into their current form. The genetic manipulation was amplified the low doses of radiation causing the Gallusians to become more intelligent and nearly human level sentience. This supplement includes both the monster stat block as well as the player character description.  New weapons used solely by the Gallusians including the Blunderbuss and black powder bombs are listed and three new monsters.
Wisdom From the Wastelands Issue 34 is “Plant Mutants I" and described as follows: "No matter what your choice of post-apocalyptic game, plants usually get the hind bud. And, unfortunately, Mutant Future is no exception. Although the core rulebook has example mutant plants and many plant mutations, there just are not enough of either. This is especially true considering that our world has many more plants than animals."

Wisdom From the Wastelands Issue 35 is “Terror Weapons" and described as follows: "During the final wars, various factions came to rely on psychological tactics like terror, rather than conventional bombs, bullets, and energy beams, as their weaponry of choice. Many believed a terrified populace was an unproductive populace, demoralized and ripe for civil unrest, all useful conditions for the terror-users. Sometimes this strategy worked, but other times it backfired so badly the terror groups were hunted down and destroyed with prejudice."

All three Mutant Future supplements are only 99 cents and are available at Drive Through RPG.

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