Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Cryptworld] 7 Days of Things, Day 2: Moss Man (AKA Swamp Monster)

A "Swamp Thing" for Cryptworld

STR: 6 (90) --- WPR: 5 (75)
DEX: 6 (90) --- PER: 4 (60)
AGL: 5 (75) --- PCN: 4 (60)
STA: 7 (105) --- PWR: NA
ATT: 1/83% --- WND: 15
MV: L 75  W 100

Experience: 500

A Moss Man is a half-humanoid/half-plant cryptid that lurks within the swamps and bayous of the southern U.S. A Moss Man usually stands well over 6 feet tall and is covered in rotting weeds, plants, vines, and vegetation. It walks on two webbed, clawed feet and has two webbed claws at the ends of its arms. Although a Moss Man cannot breathe underwater, it can hold its breath for up to 30 minutes while lurking in the dark waters. There is a warm, damp odor of rot and decay that hangs upon the creature, so much so that this odor will often signal a Moss Man's approach. The Moss Man is actually more plant than animal, as much of its muscular and skeletal systems are made up of vegetation and flora.

A Moss Man lives in isolation deep within a swamp, rarely venturing into inhabited areas. It is only when man begins to encroach on the Moss Man's domain will it begin to terrorize and assault the interlopers. Land developers and road construction crews have been devastated and driven off by an enraged Moss Man who felt his home was in danger. A Moss Man attacks by lurking just under the surface of the swamp's waters, leaping out to grab a victim and pull them underwater. There, it holds them tightly immobile until they drown. The victim's companions may not ever know what happened to their friend "who was standing right here a moment ago." A Moss Man will continue its guerrilla-like reign of terror, destroying equipment, ruining supplies, and killing trespassers until the interlopers leave the area.

It is believed by some that the Moss Man is a distant cousin to the Gillman (Cryptworld rulebook, page 61) as they share many similar characteristics, but this has not been verified. There are several cryptids in the bogs and bayous of the U.S. that may, in fact, be Moss Men including the Honey Island Swamp Monster, the Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek, and the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.


  1. Excellent! I was hoping this was your next critter...

    My favorite version of the Moss Monster is the Père Malfait from Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Episode 9: The Spanish Moss Murders). The Heap, Man-Thing, and Swamp-Thing were always too goody-goody. Père Malfait was just pure evil...

    1. Glad you like 'im. And I do remember that Kolchak episode. Good call! My Moss Man is, however, inspired by the "land defender"-type creatures who keep to themselves and out of sight...until you begin destroying its habitat.