Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Cosmic Circus, A Monstrous Game Fair, And A Festival In The Forest In Ohio This Year!

Well, my convention attendance is being a bit curtailed for 2014 due to numerous personal events I must attend that conflict with some of my favorite cons. So no Gary Con this year for Sniderman, nor Gen Con. But I'll be definitely be attending the following Ohio gaming gatherings. Registration is open for all three right now, so I'll see you there!

Origins Game Fair - Columbus, Ohio
 June 11th to 15th
One of the larger conventions in the U.S., this year's Origins theme is "Monsters." What better place to get some Cryptworld or Rotworld running? It's been a while since I last attended, so I'm really looking forward to my return visit.

Con on the Cob - Hudson, Ohio
October 16th to 19th
Had a great time at this smaller game convention last year, so I've already registered for my next visit! This year, CotC will be a "Cosmic Circus" so I expect the non-gaming time to be filled with, I dunno, space clowns or something. Andy Hopp runs a great gathering, so get your shiny wazoo there!

The Festival in the Forest - Medina, Ohio
August 22nd to 24th
Now here's a great idea for a gaming gathering! The North Coast Gamers are organizing a game con in the great outdoors! They have rented the Brooklyn Exchange Cabin in Hinkley Metroparks as well as the camping area surrounding the cabin. Attendees are encouraged to camp there during the weekend (bunks inside the cabin for those who act fast), with the entire convention occurring within and around the cabin. I love to camp during the summer, and being able to attend a convention while I do so? Hot dang! I'm currently putting together a special late night, outdoors Cryptworld game that will take a campground....JUST LIKE THIS ONE. (Mwah-ha-ha-haaaa...)

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  1. I need to get to some of these. Heck, I live in Ohio! Southwest Ohio, but still...

    I've never been a big con-goer but I am getting the itch.