Sunday, January 26, 2014

[Fiasco] Got Tired Of Loose Playsets, So...

I've really taken a shine to "Fiasco," but one thing that annoys me are the numerous playsets available for the game. It's not the playsets themselves that cause me grief (as every one of them is a fantastic romp into chaos), but rather I had a lot of them printed out loosely, and it was becoming a chore to keep them together and organized. So, a moment of inspiration struck a few weeks ago. I took the playsets I had acquired (all through freely available downloads at Bully Pulpit Games), compiled them into one master document (inserting blank pages as needed to "force" proper left-right spread layouts and retaining all boilerplates for rights acknowledgments), created an appropriate cover (again, using freely available public domain clipart and fonts), then had the whole project printed and bound via Lulu. (NOTE: This was a one-off POD for my own usage at the gaming table and will never (never-ever) be available "out there.")

Anyway, I wanted to share the end result:

"Fiasco Playsets: Volume 1" contains 41 playsets in one perfect-bound volume. This'll be very handy at the gaming table. And if we're stuck for which playset to use? Flip randomly and play whichever set you fall onto.

I'm in the book publishing business by trade, so I needed to create a back cover that reflected the contents as well as tying in visually with the front cover. I'm kinda compulsive that way.

I used a yellow cover so it'd complement the red and blue covers of the main rulebook and the companion. (The whole CMYK color scheme so important to printing.) I think they'll look nice on my bookshelf. If I do a Volume 2 down the road, it'll have a black cover ("K").

Pagination and layout was important so I'd have all of the Locations, Objects, etc. of each playset falling on the appropriately facing pages. And this beast is 500+ pages, so there was a bit of finagling to ensure each playset was formatted correctly in this compiled volume.


  1. Wow. Nice work. I would bet anything Jason and all the original authors of the playsets, would authorize letting you post a lulu project on the bully site for others to use if they were so inclined.

    1. Thanks for the kudos, but I'm super-squirrelly about ever having this available. There is a whoooole lot of permissions needed to allow this from the various authors. If Jason or the folks from Bully wanted to take point on a public release, I'll happily turn over the files for their use. But for now, it's a personal one-off.

  2. I looked at it some more, and just wanted to say again how awesome it looks.