Friday, December 30, 2011

Obligatory Top Ten 2011 Posts At The Savage AfterWorld

I use Google Analytics to track hits and visitors, as well as which posts are generating the most interest. And, as is customary for bloggers on this date, it's time to review...
The Top Ten Most Popular Savage AfterWorld Blog Posts of 2011!

And here we go, counting down to the most popular post...

10. Mutant Future RPG Stuff Giveaway! (Second Attempt) - My first attempt to give away a bunch of Mutant Future-related prizes was met with a lot of no shows. My second attempt was better received.

9. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! - The release of Realms of Crawling Chaos was announced. Its compatibility with Mutant future is something I've been itching to try!

8. [Savage Menagerie] Octoshark - Inspired by producer Roger Corman's "Sharktopus," I brought the toothy multi-armed creature into the Mutant Future.

7. [Thundarr Thursday] Thundarr RPGs Found Throughout The Blogosphere - Turns out I'm not the only person inspired by the classic Ruby Spears cartoon!

6. The Savage AfterWorld's Customizable "Do-It-Yourself-You-Cheap-Bastard" Gamemaster's Screen - Tired of looking for instructions on how to create my own GM screen, I cobbled one together and shared the how-to instructions with readers.

5. Giant Mutant Chickens? Call In LEGO Hazmat Guy! - Here's where it gets interesting. This was just a bit of a "throw-off" post, but my guess is that LEGO enthusiasts have been giving me the hits.

4. Gamma World Coming To PSN, XBL, and PC This Fall - Big announcement from E3 on an upcoming videogame based on the Gamma World game system.

3. Notorious NPC: Feldspar the Geologian - A nifty NPC based on my Geologian race. The hits were caused by -- of all things -- the word "golem" embedded in the image's file name. No idea why this term was searched for so much, but that's what made this post so popular. (I've since changed the file name to keep the hits to a normal level.)

2. Hot Post-Apocalyptic Chicks! Elven! Cyborg! And "Other!" - This meme was sweeping the OSR blogosphere as we all basically pandered to the masses offering HOT ELVEN CHIXXX!!!! And whatdya worked!

And the Top Post of 2011:

1. Post-Apocalyptic Ruined City Map Generator - This incredibly useful map generator has just been HAMMERED over the year. There are a lot of folks getting a lot of use out of it as it's my most popular post by far.

And onto 2012!

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