Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hot Post-Apocalyptic Chicks! Elven! Cyborg! And "Other!"

I'm a day late, but hey! Hot Chicks are timeless! Always one to pander, toady, and jump on a bandwagon, I finally got around to joining the "hot elf chick" OSR meme started by James over at The Underdark Gazette. For those who may be under the mistaken notion that the Old School Renaissance only encompasses the fantasy genre, might I remind you that gonzo post-apocalyptic survival is alive and well with Mutant Future and the recent relaunch of Gamma World. You ain't gotta slay a dragon to be "old school!"

Let's to combine "hot chicks" and "elven" with "post-apocalyptic" for you. Ah yes, let's step into the Way Back Machine and discuss Shadowrun -- the game of a dystopian future when fantasy and sci-fi collide. That's close enough. And hot elven chicks abound in that world:

Shadowrun elf cosplayer I found...

Hot cyborgs have a place in the Mutant Future!

And I wanted one "hot mutant," but a Google search kept turning up the three-boobed chick from Total Recall. Then I found "her" above. Keen!


  1. Hot Cyborg Chicks would be Awesome!

  2. The 3-boob chick would have been a cool option. ;)

    The pics you are showing reminds me of the pics used in the CP2020 revival side called Datafortress 2020 - there "Nomads Catalog" alone is like a campaign sourcebook for a cybered-up Mad Max setting.

  3. The poster and VHS box art for Galaxina always entranced me as a kid.